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Bridges are fixed artificial teeth which cannot be removed. A bridge can only replace a few teeth and requires good, strong natural teeth on either side of the empty space to support the artificial teeth.

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Our Doctors

Dr. Alan Chan

Dr Alan Chan is a Singaporean who graduated from University of Glasgow in UK. He spent several years in UK practicing in private clinics, dental hospitals, and community health centres. Alan has been in private practice since returning to Singapore in 2007. He has a special interest in treating nervous patients; including dental phobics who have unpleasant history of dental traumas. Alan adopts a patient and informative approach to treatment and is equally at ease with adults and child patients.

Dr. Chloe Chan

Dr. Chloe Chan graduated from University of Adelaide in Australia. She has clinical experience in dental hospitals and private clinics in Australia, and has been in private practice since returning to Singapore in 2015. Dr. Chloe strongly believes in patient communication and aims to make your dental experience stress-free. She has a special interest in aesthetic dentistry and is very much committed to restoring smiles. She hopes to achieve and maintain optimum oral health for the whole family.

Dr. Lee Pei’en

Dr Lee Pei'en graduated from the National University of Singapore in 2013. She has experience working in the government sector with postings at large specialist centers such as KTPH, CGH, NDC and the School Dental Service. Dr Lee believes that visiting the dentist can be a pleasant and even enjoyable experience! She also believes in lifelong learning and the importance of constantly upgrading her skills. Outside of work, Dr Lee is a member of the SDA ethics committee that helps mediate disputes between patients and dentists.

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